Best Transparent Kayak for SuperYachts - The See Through Canoe 2018!

Best Transparent Kayak 2018 - The See Through Canoe

The See Through Canoe is a Kayak/Canoe hybrid that boasts clear and lightweight boats for multiple purposes. This mash up contraption is a great mode of transportation for exploration, serious trekking or laying back and relaxing in the sun.

The See Through Canoe is around eleven feet long and 36 inches wide. It weighs in at a meager 42 pounds and has a maximum weight capacity of 450 pounds. The hull is made of Lexan, which is a polycarbonate. When bought, the boat comes with a retractable skeg, gloats, two double-bladed two-piece kayak paddles, two seats, and a rubbing compound to buff out any scratches the boat may sustain. In addition, consumers can purchase electric motors, mounts for the motors, underwater lights, and batteries for the motor.

This boat is great for many different riders. Fisherman can float around without casting a shadow, meaning that they are able to get closer to fish before their presence is noted. Additionally, it has the stability to handle the pull of casting nets. It is also great for laid-back floating, especially when riders want to enjoy the aquatic life underneath them. The boat is protected from UV rays so that the surface does not yellow or endure any other sun-related damage. When scratches occur on the bottom of the boat, they should be a minimal problem, as the water will essentially fill them in, making the surface of the hull clear after submerged. The inside of the boat, however, can be scratched easily, so the website advises riders to take off shoes while in the See-Through Canoe as to keep the polycarbonate as clear as possible for as long as possible. They also provide a list of ways to maintain clarity.

The hybrid design is used to give riders the best of both worlds. It is smaller and narrower like a kayak to make paddling require less effort. However, the boat is not as narrow and streamlined as a normal kayak, which makes the hybrid more stable. The boat is so stable, that riders can stand up and paddle, almost like a paddle board. It would not be able to glide as fast as a long and narrow kayak, but it is not as bulky as a traditional canoe. The See-Through Canoe also has a rust-proof guarantee, which means that it can handle salt water and heavy use. Feeling particularly lazy? The optional motor can take less than five minutes to attach and allows riders to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view from both above and below.

The price is fairly affordable for the quality, at $2,300. Shipping is free to most states, and the boat is delivered within 14 days in the continental US. If you live in Florida (where the boats ship from), and are willing to pick up your own See Through Canoe, you can even get $100 taken off of your order. If you are needing a new way to explore the water, fish, or even layout, the See-Through Canoe is a great option and most definitely worth looking into.